Logstash port 5044 is not listening

Dear all,

I would like to receive log from remote server through beats. However I find the port 5044 in ELK server is not listening. The ELK server is window platform. Any idea? Thanks.

ELK server - logstash\config.json

input {
beats {
port => 5044
type => "log"

How did you determine that the port isn't listening? What's the firewall situation? What's in the Logstash logs?

which beat are you using? and you gave elastic server ip and port in beats .yml file?

Dear all,

I use netstat -an to determine the port isn't listening. I am using winlogbeat.
There is a good news. I find the problem and solved. The port 5044 is listening and can receive log from remote server.

Thanks all

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