LogStash querying from Multiple DB

(Vinaya Thimmappa) #1

I have a use case where in I have multiple Database in mysql.
i.e DB1, DB2, DB3, DB4 .. and this is growing

I want to query on a particular table T1 in each of DB and index to ES using log-stash

I have one table in master DB which has all the DB created details. So i query that, then i get list of DB's . For each of this DB's, i want to do more query. How can i do this ?

How can i do this using log-stash only ? is this possible to do ?

One Solution is
Run a script to get all DB names, for each DB, run a logstash separately.

Is there a better solution ?

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

No, I don't believe there's a better way. If the database setup is dynamic you'll have to generate configurations outside of Logstash.

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