Logstash - Reading files from Windows Network Share

I'm trying to read log files from a network share on Windows. I know this isn't best practice, but currently there is no way around it, and from the documentation it sounds like it is supported.

However I can not get this working. In the trace log I always get that 0 files are found.

[2022-12-13T10:23:52,832][TRACE][filewatch.discoverer ][main][e67bc34fb15be8fb610b8ac1ec20f025b05bf85e339b9399c18f5e5b87a23c75] discover_files {:count=>0}

I have tried the following in the config file:

input {
	file {
		path => 
			"W:/application1/test.log", #mapped network drive
			"W:\application1\test.log",  #mapped network drive

Any ideas, suggestions?

I have noticed there are a couple of topics on this issue, but none of them have an answer:

Thank you

I think it simply just doesn't work.. even though the docs say it should work.

At least I couldn't get it to work. I even filed a bug report on github for the file-input plugin, but it hasn't received any attention so far.

That's sad to hear, I hope somebody can give some clarity on this issue. What did you end up doing as an alternative?

We eventually just decided to use another technology for the specific use case the pipeline was initially set up to handle. We ended up writing a program in C# to replace the logstash pipeline.

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Only this could work: "W:/application1/test.log"
Writing C#? You can make a script to tail&copy log on the local drive.

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