Logstash run as a background service

I install logstash-5.2.0.tar.gz and wanna start logstash as a background service using script.
My command in the script is 'bin/logstash -f test.conf &'. But it is also not in background and 'agent' not is included in this version.
How do I exec the logstash as the daemon?

What operating system and version are you using?

I uses centOs 6.4.

If you use the RPM you get the service files included.

is there other command instead of using rpm?

You'd need to build the service file(s) yourself.

I made the script file in the /etc/init.d/.

    if [ -z $PID ]
        $LOGSTASH -f $CONF_FILE > $LOG 2> /dev/null &
        echo "logstash start"
        echo "logstash is already running (pid $PID)"

I started this service but it also had logstash's log.

Don't make your own. Logstash can auto-detect the system type and install a script accordingly, or it can be coerced into installing SysV. For CentOS 6.4, the auto-detected startup type would be upstart, so you could start/stop logstash with initctl.

Step 1, edit startup.options, logstash.yml, and jvm.options found in $LS_HOME/config/
Step 2, As root, or with sudo, run:

$LS_HOME/bin/system-install $LS_HOME/config/startup.options

for auto-detected system type, or optionally coerce sysv by appending it like this,

$LS_HOME/bin/system-install $LS_HOME/config/startup.options sysv

Be sure to either export $LS_HOME or substitute the path where you extracted the tarball. You may also need to export JAVA_HOME before running system-install.


Ok. Thank you for detail answer!

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