Logstash: unrecognized service

(shaonbean) #1

CentOS 6.9 use elastic repo install logstash,but logstash daemon service can't not found .when execte sudo service logstash start ,error logstash: unrecognized service

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

That's because Logstash auto-detected that CentOS 6 uses upstart

You can manually force Logstash to create a SysV init file by running:

/usr/share/logstash/bin/system-install /etc/logstash/startup.options sysv 

You can then force it to regard this as a service, if you need to.

(shaonbean) #3

thank you every much!

(shaonbean) #4

I have other issue, logstash can't not stop, even if I use kill logstash pid, wait a miutes logstash will auto start. It bothered me

(Aaron Mildenstein) #5

As this is unrelated to the original topic, please start another thread.

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