Logstash s3 input plugin and path-style access configuration

With s3 path-style access, the plugin returns an error on the downloading step. From access logs:

Found key {:key=>"myFile"}
Added to objects[] {:key=>"myFile", :length=>1}
Processing {:bucket=>"", :key=>"myFile"}
Downloading remote file {:remote_key=>"myFile", :local_filename=>"/tmp/logstash/myFile"}
Unable to download remote file {:exception=>Aws::S3::Errors::NoSuchKey, :message=>"The specified key does not exist.", :remote_key=>"myFile"}


 s3 {
    access_key_id => "test"
    secret_access_key => "test"
    endpoint => "http://localhost:5555/my-bucket"
    bucket => "" # http://my-bucket.localhost:5555 returns initialize: name or service not known
    region => "eu-central-1"

I don't know how to configure virtual-hosted-style URLs and I feel like having an empty string bucket causes problems with downloading the file from the bucket later.

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