Logstash Scheduled Task

I read this post: Running Logstash on Windows | Logstash Reference [8.5] | Elastic

And configured my Server to run Logstash every day.
First question:
I know that you can run logstash once and then just wait for new data. In our case, I use the file input plugin and the file is freshly generated each day. Thus I run logstash after creating this file

Second question:
I encounter rights problems and logstash is not able to start due to another, old logstash proccess that couldnt be killed

How did you handle logstash automation?

@smam Not sure what exactly you want to do, but some things to consider:

  1. In my experience running Logstash on Windows, is sometimes less ideal for all kinds of reasons.
  2. You might be better off using the Filebeat filestream module => filestream input | Filebeat Reference [8.5] | Elastic
  3. If you absolutely need to use Logstash, I would let it run continuously as a Windows service.