Sheduling logstash to run daily

(Nisal Thiwanka) #1

I'm planning to implement a java based REST service which will run logstash on a daily basis on my log files. How can I achieve that?

(Pablo) #2

Just run Logstash as a service, why would you do something like a daily running?

(Nisal Thiwanka) #3

I need to read log files daily at a specific time of the day. And I have to analyze those log file data read by logstash by using a java based REST service. And the log files are located at a remote location. So how can I achieve this sheduling?

(Pablo) #4

Use crontab?
You will have to start and stop the service I guess.

(Nisal Thiwanka) #5

Great. Thanks. Yes. I have to start, run analysis on logs and stop the service at a specific time daily.

(system) #6

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