How to run logstash weekly


I want to run my logstash on weekly basis.

How can i schedule my logstash.Currently i am using below as input its running for each second.
" * * "
How can i make this to run for every one week.

Thanks in Advance...........

That's really a cron question (for which I'm sure there are tons of Stackoverflow answers). Why do you want to do this? Logstash is typically run continuously.

I want to run logstash weekly.
My logs will update by weekly basis.I tried below,but i want to run weekly.
"30 4 * * *"
Run every day at 4:30AM

"0 0 * * *"
Run every day at 12:00AM

"59 23 * * *"
Run every day at 11:59PM

"0 12 * * *"

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