Logstash pipeline schedule

Hi there
I`ve faced with a problem...
I have a running Logstash with multiple pipelines. I just want to run one of these pipelines from 00:00 am until 08:00 am everyday
According to Logstash documentation, pipeline configuration has just cron schedule... so is there any way to run a pipeline at a specified time interval?

Not that I know of.

It is not possible in a native way, what you can do is run a different logstash instance with only this pipeline and configure cron entries in your system to stop and start this service.

You could also use a combination of the mutate filter and translate filter to add a logic that would drop the events outside your time frame, but this also would rely on a external cron to update some files.

Thanks for your response.
This is what I do now already... Thought it might has a native solution
Thank you so much

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