Logstash Server Location

Hello all,

I'm building an ELK-Kubernetes environment for an enterprise, and I'm installing Beats on their PCs, servers, network components... and the data center where I'll store and configure my ElasticSearch and Kibana servers are in another enterprise.
But I wonder where should I place the Logstash server (on the client side or MSP side) ?

Your reddit thread has some good answers https://www.reddit.com/r/elasticsearch/comments/jn5fea/logstash_server_location/

Ultimately it depends on your needs/requirements and resources.

Thank you for your answer.

I posted this here too in order to get official answers coming from members of the Elastic Team.

Ultimately, I'm considering placing the Logstash server in the data center, and if needed (queuing required), a Kafka component at the enterprise site.

What do you think ?

Makes sense!

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