Logstash shutdown alert

Hi Team,
I am using Logstash 7.17.4 for transferring Oracle DB data to ElasticSearch index.
Logstash is running perfectly as a windows service(Running on Remote Windows machine) and syncing also happening perfectly.
My question is:
If any shutdown happens to Logstash, it should be alerted through mail.
How can we implement this feature?

Suresh U.

You'd need to be monitoring Logstash somehow, and then based on however you are monitoring it, generate an alert.

You could monitor it with;

  • Heartbeat on port 9600
  • Filebeat through the Logstash logs, watching for the logged shutdown line
  • Metricbeat to watch that the process exists.

Thanks a lot Warkolm for the quick update.
I will implement and will update.

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