Send an email when Logstash service is down/not running

Hi team,
I have run Logstash as a service in Remote windows. It is working fine now.
But in case of failure scenario, If Logstash service shuts down unexpectedly, then I need to send(alert) an email to the team.
How can we achieve by reading log file?
The same scenario needs to apply in production environment also.

Could you @Rios @Badger please help here?

Suresh U.

Please do not ping people who have not shown interest in a thread. It is considered rude in this forum.

Many of us watch for threads that we can provide assistance on. Demanding that assistance actually discourages me from commenting.

@suresh_u it sounds like something is not OK in your environment. Check your LS logs.

You can monitor LS by FB module but will not send an alert.

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