Logstash shutdown stalled while retrying rabbitmq input connection


Im trying to find a solution for a Logstash (6.8.14) stalled shutdown when a RabbitMQ input is unavailable.

Starting Logstash works fine, and it starts retrying connection to the RabbitMQ endpoint. That's fine.

I cannot, however, shutdown Logstash cleanly while it is still retrying. I also cannot seem to find any 'give up after x tries' config option.

Although this is only an issue when specifically restarting Logstash while the RabbitMQ service is down, I would like to have more robustness by just having Logstash cancel the connection attempt. After all, it is going to shutdown/restart anyway...

Is there any good way to handle this?



No. The mixin retries the connection attempt forever.

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