Logstash Sql Server

I have integrate elk stack with sql server. When i run logstash to parse the data the query parse the data and logstash service shutdown after parsing the records. Is there any way around that the service will run in the background and i have dump data in sql server and the data will get into elasticsearch automatically

Why the service is shutdown after parsing data from sql server if i am not using sql server the logstash service will run in the background

For some inputs, if they have completed all of their work, they will shut down the pipeline, if all of the pipelines have shutdown there is nothing for logstash to do, so it may exit. Unless you are using a schedule on your jdbc input there is no reason for logstash to keep running.

Thank you for the prompt response. if i have two records in sql server and i connect elk with sql server the data is parse in elk stack using logstash is there any way possible that logstash service is running in background and i dump two more records in sql server and the data is parse automatically in elasticsearch

If you want to retrieve new records as they are added then you would need to use a schedule and also track state.

ok thank you i will check

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