Logstash SSL Error with http and https

[ 2018-09-18T11:01:23,207][ERROR][logstash.licensechecker.licensemanager] Unable to retrieve license information from license server {:message=>"Explicit value for 'scheme' was declared, but it is different in one of the URLs given! Please make sure your URLs are inline with explicit values. The URLs have the property set to 'http', but it was also set to 'https' explicitly".}

This error after I enable SSL and xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch. I have no idea what is going on.

I can curl http://logstash:5400(200 OKs), but I can't curl https://logstash:5400(SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length)

I looks like you've configured Logstash monitoring to connect to Elasticsearch using a http:// URL, but then also configured ssl => true.


I already set it to https://. Anyway I found the solution which is reboot my VM. It seems restart the service is not enough to apply the config that I changed. Thanks!

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