Logstash stopped working after plugin install

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I've been using logstash for a while and today I tried to install a custom plugin (https://github.com/nipunarora/logstash-seq-plugin).

So first I built the gem using
gem build xxxxxx.gemspec

Then I installed the gem using
bin/logstash-plugin install xxxxxx.gem

A message of installation successful appeared but when I tried to restart logstash, it stopped working and stopped writing logs to /var/log/logstash/logstash-plain.log as it used to.

When I check the status using "systemctl status logstash", it shows Active (running) but it keeps restarting.

So, I tried uninstalling the plugin but the plugin isn't even shown in bin/logstash-plugin list.

What can I do to restore Logstash back to before I installed the new plugin?

Thank you

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