Issues installing custom plugin on Logstash

I am writing a filter plugin for Logstash and I'm following this guide.

So, I have finished the code, written everything and done some testing with rspec. Now, I have built the gem with gem build logstash-filter-e164.gemspec and sent it to the server where we run Logstash.

But, now running bin/logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-e164-0.2.0.gem, I get the following error:

Validating /tmp/logstash-filter-e164-0.2.0.gem
Installing logstash-filter-e164
ERROR: Installation Aborted, message: undefined method `[]=' for #<Bundler::Settings:0x28e94c2>
Did you mean?  []

I have no idea what to do here, because it seems to be something from Bundler. I am using jruby-


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