Logstash stopped working (sincedb is not updated) after upgrade from 6.2.4 –> 6.4.0 (Update 6.5 doesn't work also)

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In continuation of the following topic which is now closed:

We found no solution for that. moreover - we just tried installing Logstash 6.5 on a new machine and we get the same results - the logstash runs, but sincedb is never updated. it is being created and "touched" when logstash starts running, but then nothing happens, no new file is added, no existing file is being updated.
The same configuration worked on all previous version (starting from 2.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.2.4....)
Any way I can debug it and understand?
Really need some help here,

(Barak) #2


I'm encountering a similar issue.
A couple of days ago, I installed the latest elasticsearch-6.5.3 with kibana-6.5.3-windows-x86_64 and logstash-6.5.3 on a fresh Windows server 2012r2. couldn't make this setup to work.
It seems all components are running with no errors, but no indexing occurs (nothing is written to sincedb file).
Following the advise above, I installed logstash-6.2.4 (instead of logstash-6.5.3 and without any other change) and now the setup is running with no issues.
What can be done to debug this issue further?

Thank you!

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Anyone? any idea? we really wont to understand why logstash isn't working for us//////