Logstash Subqueries

(Josh Brower) #1

I am working on a project that will be doing the following on a recurring basis:

  1. Query an API for certain $IDs & associated metadata
  2. For each $ID, hit 5 other APIs and Output each resultant dataset into ES

Trying to think through the best way to handle this, and looking for feedback--Is it possible to do all of this in Logstash or do I need to look at also using something like Python in with Logstash? (It doesn't appear that I can make a http call in a Filter plugin?....)


(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Although it might be possible to do this using custom plugins in Logstash, it is not really what Logstash was designed to do, so I suspect it would be easier to implement in a scripting language outside Logstash.

(Josh Brower) #3

@Christian_Dahlqvist This is what I figured, thanks for confirming....

(system) #4