Logstash Syntax :: Putting the Value of One Field into Another?

Hey Logstash Maestros,

I have a syntax question. Suppose I have this as the input data going into Logstash:

FieldA    FieldB      FieldC
     6    "apples"   "bananas"
    11    "grapes"   "oranges"
    21     "pears"    "melons"

FieldA/B/C are all top-level fields in my data. Now, in the filter section of my LS config file, I want to do this:

  if [FieldA] > 10 {
    mutate {
      add_field => { "FaveStat" => [FieldB] }
  else {
    mutate {
      add_field => { "FaveStat" => [FieldC] }

I want this:

FieldA    FieldB      FieldC       FaveStat
     6    "apples"   "bananas"     "apples"
    11    "grapes"   "oranges"    "oranges"
    21     "pears"    "melons"     "melons"

Instead, the above syntax is giving me this:

FieldA    FieldB      FieldC       FaveStat
     6    "apples"   "bananas"     "FieldB"
    11    "grapes"   "oranges"     "FieldC"
    21     "pears"    "melons"     "FieldC"

This suggests that to retrieve the value of a field, you should use brackets. ( [FieldA] ) Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Use a sprintf reference to get the value of a field

add_field => { "FaveStat" => "%{[FieldB]}" }

Yes! Brillant! Thank you, that worked perfectly! Badger, you've saved me again. Much appreciated... :slight_smile:

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