Logstash target down


Isearched, but this question seems not answered in the last year, so I raise it here.
In the current version of logstash, is all output still blocked if you have multiple targets (using filters and outputblocks to get info delivered to 1 of the targets) and 1 of the targets is down?

Is there a way to circumvent this without the use of something like kafka?


Delivery to all outputs in a single pipeline is still synchronous so what you say it true, but Logstash 6 introduced support for multiple pipelines in a single Logstash process.

thnx for the reply. Checked it out and seems like a nice solution.
However, Can 2 pipelines receive events on the same port via the same protocol?
We use filebeat to forward logs to logstash and wish different logs to go through different pipelines. If I define input beats on a different port per pipeline I also will need to have multiple filebeat instances, right? So I would like filebeat to forward to a single port and then logstash to receive and process in the rigth pipelines

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