Logstash tcp output to logstash tcp input, losing metadata?


I have two logstash servers. Logstash#1 is using tcp output to send data to logstash#2 tcp input. It works fine, but the metadata and fields I add in logstash#1 never seems to reach logstash#2.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

If I send logstash#1 output directly to elasticsearch all data is there.

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If you are adding metadata to [@metadata] then it should not be transmitted by the output. If you are adding other fields to the event then it should.

If you are connecting logstash to logstash then the recommended solution is a lumberjack output and a beats input.

What do your logstash configurations look like?

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Oh yes, I will try that. Forgot to add it to the event itself.

This is just a test setup. We are actually going to use kafka output to kafka input later (kafka before logstash#2).


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