Logstash "The error reported is: \n Permission denied - bind(2)"

Logstash fails to start when listining on port 80. although i am starting it with root user

logstash "The error reported is: \n Permission denied - bind(2)"

Can you provide more info please, what is the complete error, what does your config look like, what version are you on?

Thanks for your reply

Actually this is the only error.

Following my config

input {

http {
port => 80

beats {
port => 5000

type => syslog

file {
path => "/var/log/httpd/*"
start_position => beginning

output {
elasticsearch {}
stdout {}

That port 80 is the likely culprit. Programs can't bind to privileged ports, which are <1024, unless run as root. This is not recommended for Logstash, either. I recommend you get your clients to use an unprivileged port.