LogStash throwing error 503

The Logastash loggers are throwing below errors continuously.

"retrying failed action with response code: 503", :level=>:warn}
{:timestamp=>"2018-07-30T16:58:20.262000+0530", :message=>"too many attempts at sending event. dropping:
The Elastic-search loggers doesn't have the any errors.

Logstash - 1.7.0 version
Elastic search 1.6.0 version

The health is RED status
Kindly guide to resolve

Why is the cluster in RED state? What does the cluster health API?

Cluster API health is as below

status "red"
timed_out false
number_of_nodes 5
number_of_data_nodes 1
active_primary_shards 704
active_shards 704
relocating_shards 0
initializing_shards 0
unassigned_shards 955
number_of_pending_tasks 0
number_of_in_flight_fetch 0

As per my knowledge few indices are in RED state and internally those indices few shards are in UNASSIGNED state.Further i have not much knowledge to debug.

How much heap do you have on your data node? It would seem you have far too many shards for a cluster that size. Please read this blog post for guidance on shards and sharding.

HW:16 GB RAM , 8 core windows 2008 R2 OS
Elastic search : 6GB allocated
LogStash: 2GB allocated
Harddisk:1TB total, 550 GB free

You have far too many shards for that size of heap and need to reduce that significantly or scale the cluster up/out in order to get a stable cluster. As you are on such an old version this will require you to delete and/or reindex data if you can not increase resources.

Thanks . Can you suggest on how much resource need to meet the 120% of current data.I will do it..

Even if you add resources you probably need to change your sharding policy and reduce the shard count substantially. having so many small shards is very inefficient. I do not have any recommendation about how much resources to add as I have not used this version in years, But adding another data node of the same size while setting the number of replicas to 0 might give you enough headroom to restructure your shards.

Thank you sir,
These actions are going to perform and let you know.
Reduce the shards/index from 3 to 1
Delete the the index of 3 months older
Replica size to zero

Still Instead of adding one more node, I hope some increase resource might help.Suggest on this irrespective of version.Its not a problem and a kind of learning for us.

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