Logstash to Logstash enable security SSL

Logstash to logstash, how can we enable SSL communication with http out -> http in plugins ?

for the moment , unsecured, the two instances as below work fine

 output {
    http {
        url => "the url"
        http_method => post

input {
    http {
    port => 5044

The configuration for SSL is very confusing and the documentation is only regards to beats-logstash or logstash-elastic.

So for http output there are the below options

cacert =>
client_cert => 
client_key =>

for http in there is the deprecated

keystore => 
keystore_password => 

and the rest

ssl_certificate =>
ssl_certificate_authorities =>
ssl_key => 
ssl_key_passphrase => 

I am totaly confused on how to proceed. Should I use ca.crt ? jks ? the ssl key is in pkcs8 format ? pem ? p12 ? Also the url should be https now right ?

The closest post i found is Http output plugin json_batch format to Http input plugin - #10 by Aceman87
but still couldnt get it to work.

Any help is appreciated

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