Using certificates on logstash output plugin


Is it possible to use certificates to connect logstash to elasticsearch, the same way it is possible with the beat input plugin?



@francisaugusto using the https scheme for your hosts or specifying ssl in your output will secure the communication between Elasticsearch and Logstash.

For PKI authentication, see this section of the docs.

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Thanks a lot @Coinology! So the certificates cannot be referenced directly, right? You cannot simply point at them like when using ssl options for the input plugin, right?
I never used a keystore or trust store, so I dunno where to start.
I want to secure the communication, but also to authenticate. Maybe using user/password will do it.

you can. if your ES uses TLS and you are using custom CA cert, you can reference the CA file in elasticsearch output plugin using cacert directives. it’s in the same link as @Coinology provided

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Great! Thanks @ptamba! Will check that out!

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