Logstash to S3 error

I'm trying to get logstash to write to an S3 bucket using the information here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/plugins-outputs-s3.html#plugins-outputs-s3-additional_settings

My s3 output config in logstash:

output {
    s3 {
          aws_credentials_file => "credentials.yaml"
          bucket => "journalbeat-logs.sofitest.com"

I'm getting the following in the logs: The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint

I've verified that the credentials I'm using have the permission req'd to write to that bucket based on the link above and I've used aws s3 cp with the same credentials to copy a test file up.


Upon further research, it seems the region is a required parameter. I added that and it's now working. The docs at the link above seem to indicate it's an optional parameter.

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