Logstash Twitter plugin proxy issue

I am using Logstash5.0 with Twitter Plugin and it works fine with out any issue, if there is no proxy.

Some of our machines we have to set the proxy to get connected to the outside world. When I ran with proxy getting the following error

[2016-11-15T15:19:09,900][WARN ][logstash.inputs.twitter ] Twitter client error {:message=>"Connection refused - Connection refused", :exception=>"Errno::ECONNREFUSED

Added the following attributes which is provided with twitter plugin

twitter {
use_proxy => true
proxy_address => "test.proxy.com"
proxy_port => 80
consumer_key => "xxxx"
consumer_secret => "yXItFCUb3g5Rs0AxaRvCezby0HEbglT4p9X4zNkfpWqwYy1nXR"
oauth_token => "xxxxxxxxxx**strong text**"
oauth_token_secret => "je06mbqFRI6J42Y7f0oIQ8fswoZ7kAD0OcVP6NLQoprQn"
type => "tweets"
keywords => [ "la" ]

while runing following error is received

06:18:29.187 [[main]<twitter] WARN logstash.inputs.twitter - Twitter client error {:message=>"End of file reached", :exception=>"EOFError", :backtrace=>["org/jruby/RubyIO.java:2914:in `readpartial'

Any help is really appreciated

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