Logstash will not start with /tmp mounted noexec

Logstash will not start with the /tmp directory mounted as noexec on RHEL 8.6.

We fixed this with Elasticsearch. However, do not have the proper variables, guidance on how to fix this with Logstash.

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Change the value of java.io.tmpdir. I am surprised that Elastic would even consider suggesting mounting /tmp without the noexec option, it opens up all kinds of security holes.

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It seems to be working with /tmp mounted as noexec
Will post again if we have problems.

Still causing issues
I made a directory /usr/share/logstash/tmp gave it 755 permissions and set its owner to logstash
I added the following to /etc/logstash/jvm.options
Cannot start logstash when /tmp is mounted no exec.

When we worked on elasticsearch with this problem we added
Environment=ES_TMPDIR=/usr/share/elasticsearch/tmp to

Also added
ES_TMPDIR=/usr/share/elasticsearch/tmp to

Is there an equivalent to ES_TMPDIR in Logstash ?

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Any other ideas on this ?
Logstash still wont start
Thank You for Your Help !!

This is RHEL 8 with systemd running


Made a directory /usr/share/logstash/tmp with 755 permissions
to /usr/lib/systemd/system/logstash.service
Remounted /tmp as exec "mount -o remount,exec /tmp"
Stopped fapolicyd
Ran systemctl daemon-reload
Stopped logstash
Started fapolicyd
Ran the following fapolicyd commands

fapolicyd-cli --file add /usr/share/logstash --trust-file logstash.trust
fapolicyd-cli --update

Remounted /tmp as noexec "mount -o remount,noexec /tmp" (the mount point is listed as noexec in /etc/fstab)
Restarted logstash (logstash runs)
Rebooted VM
Logstash started again

After another reboot, logstash started again fapolicyd enabled and "/tmp" mounted as "noexec"

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