Logstash with Kafka


Does logstash support kafka 0.9? I am not seeing anything about the Kafka version in the logstash-kafka doc.

(Allen Chan) #2

They are working on a 0.9 consumer.


Any good example for specifying the message_key for Kafka to balance the messages to be stored on different partition on the server side? I have 3 partitions in the topic, and running 3 logstash instances. Hope to see each Logstash instance would read messages off different partition. Looks like all the messages are coming to the same partition.

I am using timestamp as the message key from client side.


(Mark Walkom) #4

@tguan please start your own thread, your question does not relate to this.


When this will be released any idea?

(Joe Lawson) #6

Deb the best bet right now is to build your own logstash install with the
0.9 branch and test it out. We'd appreciate any pre-release feedback.

(system) #7