Logstash xml filter with xpath with multiple fields query

I have an xml file, which contains fields like:

With xpath, within xml filter, I get the fields returned as below, with each element in its array:
"PhaseName" => [
[ 0] "CRITICAL",
[ 1] "TEST",
[ 2] "OTHER",
[ 3] "XYZ"
"PhaseState" => [
[ 0] "NA",
[ 1] "NA",
[ 2] "NA",
How to format xpath, to return data corresponding to the correct field, in an array together?
Looking to achieve result such as:
[Phase Name=>"CRITICAL", State=>"NA"]
[Phase Name=>"TEST", State=>"NA"]
I can have multiple phase states, for each given output.

You'll have to use a ruby filter. This exact question came up a couple of months ago so you might be able to find a solution in that thread. The zip function of Ruby arrays should be useful to you.

Hi Magnus,

I have found a ruby solution for this, just as you say. I parsed the data and then was able to use the following:
ruby {
code => '
event.set("GlobalState", event.get("[parsed][specifc-location][0][GlobalState]"))

Thanks for your suggestion.

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