Logstashforwarder on Windows -No exectutable after building with go

I downloaded the windows version of logstash forwarder, and downloaded "go"
after running the command "go build -o logstash-forwarder", I was expecting a executable file but could not see one, I have seen seen people say that I am supposed to see a "logstashforwarder.master.exe" or something like that.
Because of that, when I run "logstash-forwarder -config logstash-forwarder.conf" nothing happens.
Does anyone know if I missed a step?

Nothing happens? If there's no executable to run you should at least get a "No such file or directory" error. For Windows you'll want to run go build -o logstash-forwarder.exe or rename the file afterwards.

Are you building it yourself to get a 64-bit executable? Because there's an i386 binary available from https://www.elastic.co/downloads/logstash.

Thanks Magnus, you are right, I didn't change the file extention myself. Thanks a lot!!