Logstash's own log conf - log4j with syslog appender

I'm trying to send Logstash's own log to my rsyslog process. I'm using the conf below.
Logstash does indeed send log data to my rsyslog process but it uses default settings and basically just ignores my custom settings. I've googled all other the place and I just cant get it to work properly.
I'm using ubuntu 16.

Any help with configuring the log to output only INFO and above in my custom log format is welcomed.

Here are my settings:

log4j.rootLogger= syslog #this causes logstash to output to syslog

these dont seem to work at all

log4j.appender.syslog.layout.conversionPattern=%d{MMM dd HH:mm:ss} logstash %p %m%n

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