Rsyslog not sending data to logstash

I have followed this Digital Ocean tutorial to send logs to logstash via rsyslog.

But I am not getting logs in logstash. I am sending logs to a centralized rsyslog-server, and then to logstash. This rsyslog-server and logstash are on the same machine.

This is the /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf file on rsyslog-client :-

*.*                         @xx.xx.xx.xx:514

I have added this line at the top, rest is the same

This is the /etc/rsyslog.conf file on rsyslog-server,

# provides UDP syslog reception
input(type="imudp" port="514")

# provides TCP syslog reception
input(type="imtcp" port="514")

I have enabled these modules, rest is same as default. Below is the file, /etc/rsyslog.d/01-json-template.conf

 template(name="json-template" type="list") {
  constant(value="\"@timestamp\":\"")     property(name="timereported" dateFormat="rfc3339")
  constant(value="\",\"message\":\"")     property(name="msg" format="json")
  constant(value="\",\"sysloghost\":\"")  property(name="hostname")
  constant(value="\",\"severity\":\"")    property(name="syslogseverity-text")
  constant(value="\",\"facility\":\"")    property(name="syslogfacility-text")
  constant(value="\",\"programname\":\"") property(name="programname")
  constant(value="\",\"procid\":\"")      property(name="procid")

And the last is my output file config which sends data to logstash, it is also on the rsyslog-server machine,

*.*                         @;json-template

This below is my logstash configuration,

input {
udp {
    host => ""
    port => "5044"
    codec => "json"
    type => "rsyslog"

output {
  elasticsearch {
    hosts => [ "localhost:9200" ]
    user => xxxxxxxx
    password => xxxxxxx
    index => "%{type}_index"

Still, with all this configuration, I dont see my rsyslog_index in elasticsearch. All the ports are up and running, there is no firewall issue also.

What and where is the problem ?

Is there anything from rsyslog in the log about not being able to send to Logstash? Is there anything in the Logstash log? Have you tried using netcat in listen mode to just dump everything sent to it? Have you used Wireshark to inspect the network traffic?

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