Sending Rsyslog data to logstash

I've configured two linux server for sending client rsyslog data to server.The server is receiving messages from client and i've installed elk service on server side now i want to send the rsyslog data (which the server was receiving) to logstash. earlier i was able to sent the data through filebeat.The filebeat was installed on the server side which then sent to logstash now i want to use syslog input but no index is created

I've configure rsyslog server logs are coming at the server side

input {
tcp {
port => 10514
output {
hosts => "localhost:9200"
index => "client-syslog-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
} }

the rsyslog logs are coming on /var/log/remote/server/(server side)
no index is created in kibana.
I also tried this

input {
syslog {
port => 10514

nothing works

can anyone tell me the solution of it?

hey @warkolm can you please help me

Probably, your best option is to use logstash as a syslog receiver.

input {
udp {
id => "syslogUdp10514"
port => 10514

Then redirect syslog traffic to logstash through iptables :

iptables -A PREROUTING -p udp -m udp --dport 514 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 10514

That way, your server's syslog wil continue working as usual, but traffic from other servers and adressed to UDP/514 (syslog standard) will be re-routed to your logstash instance.

Hey @jfs1 thank you
The logstash is receiving all the logs from syslog but it is not receiving boot logs

local7.*  action(type="omfwd"
      target="" port="10514" protocol="udp"

I am able to received authpriv.* logs and daemon logs but not boot logs

I guess you are referring to linux logs.
Boot logs are not using the same path through rsyslog than other logs. Indeed, they are generated before the network is set up. I guess that your best option is to use a log file shipper (i.e. filebeat) instead of logstash for those logs.

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