Logtrail performance

I have a question regarding Logtrail plugin in kibana. I am sending structured data from python using AsynchronousLogstashHandler:
handler = AsynchronousLogstashHandler(host=self.logstash_host, port=5045, database_path=None, transport='logstash_async.transport.UdpTransport')
handler.setFormatter(LogstashFormatter(tags=self.extra, extra=self.extra))

logstash conf file configured correctly in rancher and logtrail json is the same as in github:

I can see the messages in a good format,However, they displayed as a bulk and not similar as an output of the console ( Not exactly real time) . My question is : Is there something should i configured maybe in the index, kibana, or logstash that can change the behaviour ?


Hi @Dawood,

I can't offer advice about the logtrail plugin, because it is a third-party community plugin, but I'd like to point out that Kibana now features a built-in Logs UI. It's designed to work with all ECS-compatible log sources and actively being developed by a dedicated team.

The logtrail plugin doesn't mention an official support channel in their documentation, but maybe their issue tracker is a good starting point.

Thank you. i will try to use Logs UI instead.

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