Long IP to String convertion in Kibana

Hi Team,

Currently we have stored in IP's are (IPV4)Long Values .we have handled Billion of events for a day(Saving disk space and performance we have used IP as Long). While we are using kibana in Discover or DashBoard module.

For Example If my ip in the long value 154452126 ,i have to show their equivalent string "" like this .

Is this posible when i am using kibana.

You should be able to do this with a scripted field (Management > Index Patterns > ? > Scripted fields), as I have seen folks go the other direction before. I am not sure what the performance implications of this would be at query time.

Out of curiosity, how much savings were you seeing by storing it as a long? ES stores it as a long under the hood, but will add overhead for the index to aid in searching.

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