Long query starving other small queries and slowing down the cluster

Hi All,

I am on elastic search 5.4.

Problem -
I run 4 parallel queries and get following response times -
Q1 - 6234
Q2 - 12787
Q3 - 12881
Q4 - 16933

When I run sequentially -
Q1 - 4
Q2 - 6
Q3 - 761
Q4 - 16569

4 i3.4x nodes with 31G to ES and rest 30 G for FS and with 16 search threads per node.

As we can see, one long query is slowing down/starving rest of queries. Now my question is, is there a way if we can optionally fix search threads per query so that other small queries still get executed in justified time?

Can anyone answer this?


No, as far as I know that is not possible.

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