Long running query, doc_fields, and lots of exceptions

(Andi Abes) #1

I'm running a relatively large index (2.8B documents, 32 shards) mostly for
analytics (all fields are not_analyzied, doc_fields).
Many queries take a long time to execute, and often, produce a plethora of
shard failures, that I'm trying to track down and fix.
Would appreciate ideas.

Here's a collection generated by 1 query:

        "shard": 7,
        "status": 500,


        "shard": 4,
        "status": 404,

nested: SearchContextMissingException[No search context found for id
[5946]]; "

        "status": 500,

nested: IllegalArgumentException[Self-suppression not permitted]; nested:
OutOfMemoryError[Java heap space]; "

I've seen sporadic occurrences of SearchContextMissingException even in the
absence of OOM - any pointers on how to increase timeouts.
Obviously, the out of memory is an issue, which I'm planning to resolve by
moving some shards around. (The index is hosted on a combination of
machines comprising of 2 types: 15G ram and 4 Gig ram. The smaller nodes
only have 2 shards each, while the large ones have many more.)

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