Looking for someone to help/show me how to setup elastic search on Mongo

(Marc Witteveen) #1


I've got a MongoDb ( 2.6.1) installed and ElasticSearch (1.1.0), the
attachment plugin 2.0.0 as well as the mongodb river plugin version 2.0.0.

I need to index and search only one collection within MongoDb.

The problems that I have is:

  1. The indexed records are not indexed completely, for some data each
    record misses the same field;
  2. When I add a new records to the collection the new records don't get
    indexed by elasticsearch;

I believe it's a small thing that I am missing (not 100% sure) so I would
like to have someone show me via e.g. a remote session or skype call to
show me where I go wrong.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.



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