Looking for suggestions on different types of queries


We have to support combination of following type queries

. Bool Queries
· Span Queries
· Phrase search
· Wildcard query
· Fuzzy Query
· Boost Query
· Range Query
· Fielded search
· Joining Queries

Operator order precedence
· Parenthesis, i.e, ( )
· OR

--The NEAR operator searches for terms that are next to each other( distance=0)
--The ADJ/ONNEAR operator is similar to the NEAR operator, except it requires matching documents have terms in the same order as specified in the expression
--WITH Operator will search for terms within a distance of 15.
--SAME Operator for the terms within a distance of 200.
--'$' will be interpreted as any number of characters and hence will be converted to '*’ WILDCARD query
-- '$n' will be interpreted as 'n' number of characters and will be converted to REGEX query
-- '~' if used in search text will always have a number following the '~' and will be interpreted as 'FUZZY' of the preceding string with a similarity of the following number.
Ex: iphone ~4 will become FUZZY(iphone, similarity=4)
-- '^' if used in search text will always have a number following '^' and this number will be used as 'BOOST' value for the string preceding '^'.
Ex: iphone^100 will become TERM(iphone, BOOST=100)

Example User Queries

  1. split$4 with (term1 or term2 adj term adj term$3) with (term4 or term5 adj term6 adj term7 or term8$4)

  2. ((term1 or term2 or term3) near2 (term4 or term5 or (term6$4 near3 term7) or term8$4)) and ((term9 or term10 or term11) near (term11$5 or (term12 adj term13$5) or term14$4 or term15$5))

We were able to achieve all the combinations using SPAN query but SPAN NOT is not working for NOT queries

Any suggestions ?

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