Low @timestamp precision cause wrong order of events with docker input

(Stanislav Mamontov) #1

Hi! I'm using Filebeat 6.3.0 and Docker 18.0.05-ce. Docker stores timestamps with nanoseconds, but elasticsearch date format precision is a millisecond.

Looks like this issue never be fixed.

Is there any elegant solutions nowadays? Maybe it will be OK to use string type in index mappings and just sort lexicographically? In this case, how to retrieve this field from docker log-json files?

(Steffen Siering) #2

Have you considered to sort by offset as well. According to the docs, it is the file offset. Problem is with file toration. Using ingest node or Logstash, one could try combine timestamp and offset into a 'sortable' number of type 'long'.

(Stanislav Mamontov) #3

Thanks for response! I know I can use offset for this, but in my setup I want log files to rotate often (there's some space limitations), so this doesn't look perfect. Is there a way to configure docker prospector to pass that precise time string (provided by json-log) in a separate field?

(Mark Daku) #4

When high precision is required the offset trick can work. But not always.

In a multi threaded application the log buffering may result in log events entering the log slightly un-ordered. But with a high precision timestamp this is not an issue.

I second that this be brought up as an enhancement moving forward.

(Pytimer) #5

Hi, i also have this problem when i use Filebeat collect docker logs.

Because my project urgent previously and i unfamiliar beats code, so i fork https://github.com/elastic/beats and change Filebeat @timestamp precision to nanoseconds, but i know it not the best way to solved it.

Now i want to know what progress of this problem. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Stanislav Mamontov) #6

Hi! Thanks for contribution! Let's open a pull request. Though elasticsearch doesn't support it, this feature will allow us to store precise timestamp in some other text field.

(Pytimer) #7

I create a issue to https://github.com/elastic/beats/issues/7559, i am not sure if i am explain it clearly. If you have other supplements, welcome. :slight_smile:

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