Lucene internal

I am new to Elasticsearch and Lucene. Came across the presentation What is in a Lucene index. It is talking about what happens when a term query is issued from slide 28. My question is what version of Lucene this information is applicable to. We are using ES 1.5 which uses Lecene 4.10 I believe. Is this information relevant to our version?


Elasticsearch 1.5.0 uses Lucene 4.10.4 (which you can find out by issuing curl http://es_host:es_port (e.g. curl http://localhost:9200). Given that Lucene 4.10.4 is a bugfix release of Lucene 4.10, which was released in September 2014 and the talk was given in November 2013 the information in the talk should be applicable to you.