Machine learning algorithm in Elastic?

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I'm learning about elastic. But I do not know what elastic use machine learning algorithm?? Do I read some documents that mentions it using classification algorithms from log data? So to classify we need training data for it, so where is the training data for machine learning?

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Here's a good introductory video that describes the basics of how X-Pack Machine Learning works:

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X-Pack Machine Learning (reg. price $400) still free for a limited time.

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I want to ask more, now that I have some web applications, I want to use elastic to analyze abnormal behavior, supervised learning in elastic need training data to classify abnormal behavior and normal. But I still do not know where to get the data to train in my case. May you please just help me
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Simply stated, you use the data from your own web application that you want to analyze to be your training data. X-Pack ML does not train on separate data.

You would be, of course, making the assumption that the majority of your data behaves "normally" and only some of it may be behaving "abnormally". If the opposite were true (you mostly had abnormal web traffic driven by bots/hackers/etc.) then I guess you have bigger problems! :wink:

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