Machine Learning - Anomaly Detection Jobs

We have a Job in order to monitor our APM services using the following detectors:

Yesterday we restarted the Job (Stop - start datafeed) and we are getting the following error:

"Datafeed is encountering errors extracting data: Partial shards failure"

Can you guys guide me in how to diagnose this? I'm new using Elastic and I don't even know how to look at the logs to at least have a clue what to do.

Thanks a lot.


Hello @Jhonfechavez,

Welcome to the community.

Sure! Could you please try restarting the failed anomaly detection job following the procedure described here?

If the restarted job runs as expected, then the problem that caused the job to fail was transient and no further investigation is needed.

Hello @Priscilla_Parodi

Thanks for the reply. I restarted as you suggest but the problem persist:

Could you please show me how to see the logs related to this (machine learning Jobs).



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