Machine Learning - Single Metric Job - Empty 'Field' combobox

I'm trying to set up a single metric machine learning job but after selecting 'index' and 'Aggregation' the 'Field' combobox is just empty.
Here is my json:

"_index": "metrics-2017.08.10",
"_type": "log",
"_id": "AV3LzmOOYz7FmQ9AaTkm",
"_version": 1,
"_score": null,
"_source": {
"@timestamp": "2017-08-10T11:01:26.846Z",
"metric": {
"mean_rate": "0.2010489723383618",
"m1": "2.1173417191770407",
"max": "1687.074818",
"count": "1199",
"m5": "1.826075044153773",
"rate_unit": "events/second",
"type": "TIMER",
"p95": "4.488348",
"duration_unit": "milliseconds",
"p98": "5.715514",
"p75": "2.781478",
"m15": "0.9928718861650215",
"p99": "12.113707",
"min": "0.535673",
"median": "1.991261",
"mean": "2.3103161846115925",
"name": "com.codahale.metrics.servlet.InstrumentedFilter.requests",
"p999": "18.361678",
"stddev": "2.993733835792281"
"host": "18e27f7d0ef6",
"source": "/var/log/metrics/log-generator-metrics.log",
"fields": {
"file_type": "metrics"
"type": "log",
"tags": [
"fields": {
"@timestamp": [
"highlight": {
"": [
"sort": [

Let's say that I would like to detect anomalies in metric.m1. Is there something wrong with my sample data ?

I suspect the problem is that all your fields are strings. The "field" dropdown only lists numeric fields.

I think all features of Elasticsearch and Kibana would work better if you stored your metrics in numeric fields. Not just ML, but range queries, aggregations and charting.

If you cannot reindex the data with more appropriate data types, ML could probably analyze it if you create an advanced job in the UI or use the Elasticsearch REST API directly to create the job. Then you have full control over the JSON that defines the job, and you can put "function" : "metric", "field_name" : "metric.m1" in the appropriate detector definition.

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The "Field" combo box will be empty, by the way, if you pick one of the count-based aggregation functions (count, low_count, high_count).

Since your data looks like it is metric-based, make sure you choose an aggregation function like min, max, or mean.

You are right. Thanks for help :slight_smile:

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