Make Inside libbeat fails

I get the following error on running make inside libbeat

go build -ldflags "-X -X"
without -mod=vendor, directory /usr/local/go/src/ has no package path
make: *** [libbeat] Error 1

I'm confused on this as it has package paths and not path

I need more details here.

  1. Which go version are you using?
  2. What is your working directory (pwd)?

cwd : vendor\\elastic\beats\v7\libbeat
go version go1.15.2 linux/amd64
Python 2.7.5

You definitely shouldn't build it from inside the vendor directory.

I'm not quite sure what are you trying to achieve. Are you fixing a bug in libbeat?

I had fork/exec error and i did not wanted to turn it off completely so i was learning about seccomp use in it. I did some changes to learn about the impact.

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