Make Kibana accessible from a path of an existing domain

Hi Forum,
I'm trying to deploy Elastic in Google cloud using ECK and need to expose Kibana UI via Istio Gateway.

Something like this. --> Should go to Kibana --> Should go to elastic.

I'm able to achieve elastic but Kibana UI doesn't works.

Can please check if you can guide me for configurations required in Kibana to get this working ?

We are trying for something like this. Have tried but its not working.

" In the above example, Kibana is accessed through a dedicated domain (https://kibana.hulk). If you want to make Kibana accessible from a path of an existing domain (e.g. https://elastic.stack/kibana) extra configuration is required. "

Hi, most likely the issue is that you need to specify basePath in kibana configuration: Configure Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic

Enables you to specify a path to mount Kibana at if you are running behind a proxy. Use the server.rewriteBasePath setting to tell Kibana if it should remove the basePath from requests it receives, and to prevent a deprecation warning at startup. This setting cannot end in a slash ( / ).

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