Make setup command throws error

Hi -
Am trying to build a own beat, which would make a rest calls to a server and will have to send the output to Elastic Search.

Am hitting the below error, when I enter the 'make setup' command. Could someone please help me on this.

I don't think the make commands are written in way that they will run in a Windows shell. They have been testing on Linux and macOS. It would probably work using the new Linux Bash shell in Windows, but I haven't tried that.

Thanks for your reply @andrewkroh.

Any other alternative way to create a Beat on Windows -7 ?
The link attached suggests to have Wndows-10.
Please let me know. Thanks !

You could try manually running the commands listed inside the Makefile's setup target. You might need to modify the command to make them compatible with Windows (like modifying the paths, etc).

Sure. I'd try that and get back. Thanks !

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